Spiritual Stories, Inner Teachings & Practical Techniques

Spiritual Stories, Inner Teachings & Practical Techniques

Stories, ideas and concepts of saints, sages, rishis, fakirs. As well as inner teachings and practical techniques that WORK if you apply them!
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"There is no such thing as action without reaction. Whatever you throw out always comes back. Spiritual development is very important because it is the one part of you that is permanent.”

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12/22/2020 11:00:06 AM
TECHNIQUE: Screen Technique to externalize negative emotions and eliminate them.

12/15/2020 11:00:00 AM
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"In the Hindu tradition, Hanuman represents the prime disciple. The word Hanuman means broken jaw or broken chin. In other words, when a disciple gets very powerful and gets a big head, the teacher has to break the chin; the pride or the negative tendency has to be broken in order for the disciple to be useful for spiritual work. In the Inner Hinduism Revealed, Hanuman is always seen to be carrying a mountain with one hand. There was somebody who was sick and there was a certain herb that was in this particular mountain; so he was given instructions to get it but when he got there he didn't know which herb to get because there where so many, so he just carried the entire mountain and brought it back. Of course that is symbolic but essentially what it is saying is that once you are very-very receptive, to your teacher and higher beings, you can do great things. If you are strongly connected, you are receptive and your head is not big, then you can move mountains of obstacles."

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12/8/2020 11:01:00 AM

12/8/2020 11:00:06 AM
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"From your birth date and for 52 days, anything you touch has a tendency to be successful. Now the opposite of that is 52 days before your birth date."

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12/1/2020 11:00:07 AM
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"In great spiritual teachers like Master Choa, there is not breaking consciousness between the outer and the inner world. You know, Master Choa, used to travel a lot and because his body got tired, he had a massage therapist to massage his body. So during massage, they put your body face-down. Most people do not snore when they are facing down but Master Choa was one of the few people that could also snore facing down. So, myself and Master Nona were in one side while He was having massage on the other side of the room and we could hear His body snoring, so we decided to keep talking. I think it was me who said 'oh, Master Choa said this' and in the middle of snoring he goes 'I didn't say that'."

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11/24/2020 11:00:07 AM
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"A lot of people don’t realize that it’s called ‘the law of karma’ and not for example ‘an opinion of karma’ for a reason. Your opinion, my opinion don’t matter but karma is what it is. What is the third law of Newton? ‘For every action there is a reaction’. So we start to understand that ‘oh, because of this law of karma, the universe works in a cycle’. And as we put other people first, it eventually comes back to us. That’s why St Francis in his prayer says ‘we should not seek to be consoled but to console others first’. And we will be taken care of. Because as the energy flows through us to help others, guess what, we are the ones getting the energy first."

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11/17/2020 11:00:07 AM
CLEANSING: Chakra Cleansing with Bell.

11/10/2020 11:00:07 AM
“When you do that part of blessing your projects, you always have to include a project that has nothing to do with you. Something that’s purely going to help someone else that you don’t get any benefit from. You know why? It’s based on the law of karma. Karmically you’re also entitled. It is in giving that you receive.”

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11/3/2020 11:00:07 AM
TECHNIQUE: Transmuting emotional will to mental will to spiritual will.

10/27/2020 11:00:07 AM
“Do not wear crystals when you meditate. Crystals are from the earth and they contain mostly Earth prana. When your body has more spiritual energy, your upper chakras are activated, when you have more lower energies like earth prana, your lower chakras are more activated,. When you hold crystals, the amount of earth energy in your body increases dramatically so what happens? You become more grounded. That means your lower chakras are activated. As the energy pours in, all the chakras get the same amount of energy to a certain extent, but since the lower chakras are bigger, they get more. So after meditation guess what happens. The lower chakras are going to be bigger than the top. So you overheat. You get the insomnia, headache, hypertension; all of it could be prevented by don’t wearing crystals when you meditate.”

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10/20/2020 11:00:07 AM
“When the body dies, the soul is shedding the physical, the emotional and the mental body. The information, all the lessons learned by the soul are saved in the 3 seeds - in the heart (physical data), solar plexus (emotional data - any emotion ), pineal gland (mental data - any thought). The soul takes the information from these 3 hard drives into the higher world. When it decides to come back, first it brings down these 3 hard drives and the angelic beings open up these 3 blueprints to create the conditions from the previous lifetimes; a new body, a new emotional body, a new mental body. If there is a trauma from a previous lifetime and has not be removed or lessons have not yet been learned, the angelic beings will recreate the trauma in the chakras. What the soul is doing is transferring data from one lifetime to the other. The cord you feel from another lifetime or negative energy, it's not the same as before, but it contains the same information. When this happens, don' t get emotional or upset, it's just leftover data that has not been processed yet. As you deal with it, it goes away, as you get upset it's like throwing kerosene on fire. When you disintegrate cords from previous lifetimes you are disintegrating the negative patterns, that's why the spiritual teachings are so important, because you understand life from the perspective of the soul. Each lifetime is like a day at school for the soul.”

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10/13/2020 11:01:02 AM

10/13/2020 11:00:06 AM
Command Over The Celestial Power

One day while Baba was sitting outside his room, he saw a woman dressed in a red saree standing by his side. The face of the woman was pockmarked. Baba recognized her as none other than Sitala Devi, the demigoddess (celestial being) who is the harbinger of smallpox. Sitala Devi said to Baba, “I want to leave this place.” Both of them remained silent. After some time passed, the goddess stepped in front of Baba. 

Baba reproved her in a very serious tone, “I am here. Do you think I am nothing?” 

The goddess immediately stepped back, pleading, “Will you not allow me to leave this place? Am I to remain imprisoned here?” Baba replied to her, “No, you need not stay here. Just take the route of the lower bank of the river Chawal Baghini. Under no circumstances should you go over the plains where there is human habitation.” 

A few days after this incident a family living on the lower bank of the river experienced a severe attack of smallpox. When they came to Baba and reported the smallpox, Baba inquired about the location of their hut and was informed that it was on the lower bank of the river. Baba advised them to leave the hut immediately and run to a place of safety. They were the only family living on the route which Baba had instructed Sitala Devi to take when she left Baradi. 

This incident demonstrates Baba’s command over celestial beings. Even demigods and goddesses obeyed his command. It should be noted that since that time there has not been any epidemic of smallpox in that area. Every year prior to Baba’s coming to Baradi, however, a virulent outbreak of smallpox had swept the area. The epidemics had often claimed the lives of hundreds, even thousands, of innocent villagers. 

An individual reaching the state of Absolute Brahman enjoys supremacy not only over ordinary mortals, but also over all the demigods and goddesses of the celestial plane. Vijay Krishna Goswami’s vision of all the gods and goddesses in the body of Baba Lokenath also indicates that celestial beings cherish the Presence of one who, in the human body, has achieved the highest state of attainment, the state of Brahman.

"The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi: The Times, Teachings and Life of Living Shiva: Baba Lokenath Brahmachari" by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, Ann Shannon. (pg 200)
11/29/2019 12:45:05 PM
Baba Lokenath; Rajani Brahmachari
10/28/2019 12:57:14 PM

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