Spiritual Stories, Inner Teachings & Practical Techniques

Spiritual Stories, Inner Teachings & Practical Techniques

Stories, ideas and concepts of saints, sages, rishis, fakirs. As well as inner teachings and practical techniques that WORK if you apply them!
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"Behind every chakra there is always a chakra web. It's like if you have sliding doors you have a screen door; to protect you from the mosquitoes and bugs. Yes? So what you call clairvoyance is the screen door in your forehead chakra. It's like a shutter in a camera opening allowing the light to come in. But instead of physical light it's spiritual light."

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4/27/2021 11:00:01 AM
Caste System

Apart from divisions of caste and class, there is a spiritual interpretation of the caste system that applies to the natural classes of humanity. Every human being belongs to one of the four natural castes, according to his predominant quality. A slave of the senses is in the Sudra, or Kayastha, state (kaya, body; stha, attached to), the body-identified state; often he is a materialist who doubts the existence of Spirit, owing to his sense enslavement. Anyone who is cultivating wisdom and weeding out ignorance is in the Vaishya state, “cultivating” the discriminative spiritual states of mind. One who is fighting in meditation the invasion of sense proclivities, instincts, moods, and evils in the bodily kingdom is considered to be going through the Kshatriya or fighting state of mind; ruling with the power of self-control. He who possesses the knowledge of Spirit through communion with God in meditation has attained the Brahmin or Spirit-identified state.

According to the spiritual interpretation of the bodily kingdom, man in the sense-identified or Sudra state of mind should struggle to recognize his senses as his servants, not his masters. The duty of the devotee who is in the “cultivation” or Vaishya state of spirituality is to weed out ignorance and to sow wisdom-seeds within the field of consciousness. In the Kshatriya state the spiritual warrior must do his utmost to protect his mental kingdom from the invasion of the meditation-disrupting inner forces of ego, habit, and senses. He thus passes naturally into the Brahmin state of invulnerability—God-realization.

This stanza of the Gita has special reference to the duty of a spiritual man who has attained the Kshatriya state. Krishna, the soul, says to the devotee: “O Arjuna, you are in the warrior state of spirituality! Your duty lies in fighting the momentarily pleasurable sense attachments of body consciousness! Do not waver! Awake! Rouse the soldiers of discrimination and meditative calmness! Assemble them on the battlefield of introspection! Rout the invading forces of sense attachments!”

The same spiritual instruction can be applied in everyday life. In a righteous material battle, for instance, one should fight nobly and fearlessly to defend his homeland from evil invading forces, safeguarding the well-being and interests of his countrymen and upholding the ideals of virtuous human existence.

Verse 31.
God Talks with Arjuna The Bhagavad Gita - Royal Science of God-Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda
3/30/2021 10:59:58 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"Angels affect the nature: the climate, the weather, the Earth changes.

There are names for these angels:

Air Beings – fairies & sylphs
Fire Beings – salamanders
Water Beings – undines/mermaids
Earth Beings – elves & gnomes"

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3/23/2021 5:45:02 PM
Value of Human Life

"Monks, suppose that this great earth were totally covered with water, and a man were to toss a yoke with a single hole there. A wind from the east would push it west, a wind from the west would push it east. A wind from the north would push it south, a wind from the south would push it north. And suppose a blind sea-turtle were there. It would come to the surface once every one hundred years. Now what do you think: would that blind sea-turtle, coming to the surface once every one hundred years, stick his neck into the yoke with a single hole?"

"It would be a sheer coincidence, lord, that the blind sea-turtle, coming to the surface once every one hundred years, would stick his neck into the yoke with a single hole."

"It's likewise a sheer coincidence that one obtains the human state. It's likewise a sheer coincidence that a Tathagata, worthy & rightly self-awakened, arises in the world. It's likewise a sheer coincidence that a doctrine & discipline expounded by a Tathagata appears in the world. Now, this human state has been obtained. A Tathagata, worthy & rightly self-awakened, has arisen in the world. A doctrine & discipline expounded by a Tathagata appears in the world.

"Therefore your duty is the contemplation, 'This is stress... This is the origination of stress... This is the cessation of stress.' Your duty is the contemplation, 'This is the path of practice leading to the cessation of stress.'"

Chiggala Sutta: The Hole
3/16/2021 10:59:59 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“Master Choa said that lessons are often embedded in art, in stories so that they could never be lost. For example, there is a story with the Lord Krishna jumping into the lake fighting a cobra and coming out, a story most Indians grew up with. As the story is preserved, the teachings are preserved. If you’ve read the book ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, Master Choa shares a concept that is prevalent in Tibetan Buddhism, it’s called terma (t-e-r-m-a). Terma means treasures. So how do they store these ‘treasures’? What if the disciples at that time were not sufficiently developed emotionally, mentally and spiritually to be able to absorb these teachings and continue them? There has to be a way for them to preserve it if the teacher’s body is not immortal. So the way to do it, based on what the teacher said, is in the consciousness of the disciple through myths or stories.”

3/9/2021 11:01:10 AM
By Master Stephen Co (from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“Thoughts are neutral. They are neither good nor bad by themselves. How you generate them and how you use them will determine if they are good or bad; if they will help you or hurt you.”

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2/9/2021 11:00:09 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“As you give and share generously and abundantly, the prosperity energy manifests as physical prosperity that comes back to you.”

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2/2/2021 11:00:10 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“Why do you want to be in the spiritual path at this place. What do you want? Do you want more peace, more clarity? Do you want the inner strength to deal with the obstacles in your life? Or do you want to be the pillar to help others? What else is that makes you to want to be in the spiritual path? Do you want to offer service to other people who are in need? I want you to think what are the things that you want to have on your spiritual path. This is very important because that way you set your inner GPS to where you want to go.”

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1/26/2021 11:00:09 AM

1/19/2021 11:00:12 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“All of us had somebody that hurt us and we just hold on like ‘oh, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forgive’. That’s fine under one condition: make sure you never mess up! In other words, in order for you not to forgive, you had better be perfect. I don’t know about you but that isn’t happening soon because we are all growing and evolving and -as Master Choa said ‘evolution involves time, a certain process that happens and lots of mistakes’. Mistakes are going to happen, they are part of learning. Hopefully as the inner light comes in, we will make fewer and less serious mistakes. Because as the spiritual light comes in, it controls our lower tendencies, it controls our lower nature. The mistakes become fewer and fewer and less hurtful. But until that happens we’re going to mess up every now and then. And if somebody hurts you and you vow never to forgive them, you are doing exactly what they are doing…hurting them. That’s why Saint Francis says ‘it is in pardoning that we are pardoned’.”

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1/19/2021 11:00:12 AM
"You will be tested. People who are close to you will stab you. That is good for you. Your friends, your so called relatives or students or your partners , business partners or whatever will stab you .Now when they do that you have to be realistic.
Number 1- They could not have done it if karmically you were not entitled to. Clear?  Now, since they have done it, you will learn the lesson of whatever you are supposed to learn. Then you will have to learn the lesson of forgiveness. So it is a test. IT IS A TEST. Now , if you pass the test-you spiritually become more evolved. If you dont pass the test, you will not have inner peace, you will not have inner stillness. Internally you will become imbalanced and you will wallow in mud for months or years or whole the whole life. It is your test, not the test of the teacher. It is you who have to take the exam. It is you who have to pass the test. CLEAR? "

- Master Choa Kok Sui
1/12/2021 11:00:10 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

“Let’s say that a person is on the spiritual path and he can’t go anywhere. You show up, there’s an explosion of love and you feel like, ‘I’m here to help you’. The interesting part is the law of karma says that whatever you plant you harvest. So as you’re here to help him, he grows. As he grows you also spiritually grow. So in other words both souls are helping each other.”

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1/8/2021 11:00:07 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"Grand Master Choa said that obstacles are like big rocks in front of us. Now, instead of giving up, like most people freeze and don’t know what to do, be like water, flow around it, above it, below it and worst case scenario, be like a tidal wave and blast through it. Most of the obstacles we have are internal, self-generated and through meditation and certain cleansing techniques you can disintegrate those and then reprogram yourselves to be more positive.”

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1/5/2021 11:00:07 AM
By Master Stephen Co(from words and teachings of GMCKS):

"Every time you create a thought, it starts as a thoughtform. But when you want the thought to manifest, with so much intention, this thoughtform becomes stronger and starts to live longer and have a small level of consciousness. That is how it affects you and other people.”

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1/5/2021 10:59:59 AM
Full moon today. Make maximum use out of today's energy by meditating to further develop one's self.

Putting one here for those that don't have something to do. Try it, examine if it's relevant and effective and either accept or reject it.

Moon's effect lasts 2 days prior and 2 days after!

12/30/2020 5:22:29 PM

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