Quote — wisdom, inspiration, happiness

Quote — wisdom, inspiration, happiness

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To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

© Buddha @quote
10/25/2021 9:30:04 AM
Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records. 

© William Ward
10/25/2021 2:00:00 AM
There is no failure except in no longer trying. 

© Elbert Hubbard @quote
10/24/2021 8:00:01 PM
Smile more than you cry, give more than you take and love more than you hate. 

© Unknown @quote
10/24/2021 9:30:10 AM
You have to take it as it happens, but you should try to make it happen the way you want to take it.

© Old German proverb
10/24/2021 2:00:00 AM
Action is the real measure of intelligence.  

© Napoleon Hill  @quote
10/23/2021 8:00:01 PM
May our hearts garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers. 

© Thich Nhat Hanh
10/23/2021 4:00:00 PM
Our time is too precious not to love.

© Jack Kornfield @quote
10/23/2021 9:30:07 AM
When fate hands us a lemon, lets try to make lemonade. 

© Dale Carnegie
10/23/2021 2:00:00 AM
There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. 

© Mark Twain @quote
10/22/2021 8:00:01 PM
You must train your intuition — you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide. 

© Ingrid Bergman
10/22/2021 4:00:00 PM
The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.

© Epicurus
10/22/2021 2:27:56 AM
The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives. 

© Louise Hay  @quote
10/21/2021 8:00:01 PM
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. 

© Abraham Lincoln
10/21/2021 4:00:00 PM
Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don't lose the passion and the love for what you do.

© Nadia Comaneci @quote
10/21/2021 9:30:05 AM

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