Pick up Women | Advice | Tips | Tricks

Pick up Women | Advice | Tips | Tricks

Women are fantastic! And every man should have one.We will explain you step by step what to do, to get the lady you want & not just her phone number 😎For more free tips: www.bravelone.com
11/17/2020 7:22:22 PM
10/3/2020 10:14:50 PM
As you may know...a way is ongoing between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Where Armenia has only 3 million population. Azerbaijan  has 10 million AND the support of Turkey.

Its a hard fight, but Armenia has managed to keep the enemy forces at bay over the past 5 days. 

Know whats happening in our world. We cannot let such things happen.
10/3/2020 9:53:14 PM
10/3/2020 9:51:17 PM
9/3/2020 9:56:19 PM
Hereby I am sharing with you some of the best books you will ever need to find and date the woman you want. 


6/18/2020 5:35:05 AM
6/16/2020 5:50:51 PM
5/23/2020 3:10:45 PM
If you are serious about improving your communicating skills. I encourage to start a podcast. This will help you to develop your communication skills and in addiction become more comfortable talking to women. 

5/19/2020 8:31:37 PM
5/18/2020 4:59:19 AM
5/15/2020 11:02:40 PM
4/29/2020 5:58:34 PM
Hi all,

A vital part of speaking to women is being able to tell interesting stories and presenting your ideas clearly.

For that, we have created an short and powerful course to teach just that.

Because when you are able to clearly and in an interesting way tell the girl what you have in mind, then you will be succesful.

4/11/2020 2:56:24 PM
This is a movie about the fears we run away from. If you keep running away eventually you will get caught.
But if you face them, you will deal with  them.

3/31/2020 7:35:32 PM
Based on our earlier poll, you have indicated that you would like to hear about more real life stories on how to pick up women.
Hereby a report of a hot girl.

6/4/2019 7:55:06 PM

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