Computer Science and Programing

Computer Science and Programing

Channel specialized for research advances of: * Artificial intelligence, * Machine Learning, * Deep Learning, * Computer Vision, * Data Science, * Papers and implementations * Python programming. Suggestions: @Abdulaziz_Gaybulayev
Computer Science and Programing
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YOLACT (You Only Look At CoefficienTs) - Real-time Instance Segmentation Results are impressive, above 30 FPS on COCO test-dev ...
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1/10/2020 8:44:33 AM
Everybody’s Talkin’: Let Me Talk as You Want  This paper presents a method to edit a target portrait footage by taking a sequence of audio as input to synthesize a photo-realistic video. ...
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1/16/2020 3:41:50 AM
10/28/2019 4:53:28 AM
The Power and Limitations of Deep Learning with Yann LeCun ...
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9/14/2019 7:18:07 AM