Computer Science and Programing

Computer Science and Programing

Channel specialized for research advances of: * Artificial intelligence, * Machine Learning, * Deep Learning, * Computer Vision, * Data Science, * Papers and implementations * Python programming. Suggestions: @Abdulaziz_Gaybulayev
Need help getting started with Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and OpenCV?

Comprehensive guideline from Adrian Rosebrock (foudner of pyimagesearch) 
from beginner to advanced level with practical examples:
10/17/2019 4:22:19 AM
The current state of AI and Deep Learning: A reply to Yoshua Bengio.
Interesting article to know current state and future perspectives of AI and Deep Learning from experts of the field
10/13/2019 2:09:34 AM
You are still thinking which Machine Learning framework to learn or  use your projects. In 2019, the war for ML frameworks has two remaining main contenders: PyTorch and TensorFlow.
10/11/2019 8:48:26 AM
Opportunity for working in Advanced Artificial Intelligence field. I found that, this might be helpful for who are looking for practice with real world projects. Below application form and requriment is listed:

Application form:

Website for detailed information:
10/7/2019 11:48:01 AM
If you want to start Deep Learning, but you are thinking about how to start then this article will help you. Here is listed completely free and open-sourced courses in your hand
10/3/2019 6:58:02 AM
original source: "World economic forum"
9/29/2019 3:35:46 AM
"Talk to books" is a search tool that lets you find the most relevant passages from any book. Tool from Google's AI (100,000 scanned books with 600 million sentences)
9/29/2019 3:35:27 AM

9/23/2019 8:05:18 AM

9/23/2019 7:49:58 AM
Computer Science and Programing
"Hide and Seek" or "Catch Me if You Can!" game from OpenAI. Only this time the computer is playing it
9/22/2019 7:38:55 AM

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BMW shares AI algorithms used in production, available on GitHub ...
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12/17/2019 4:37:00 AM
YOLACT (You Only Look At CoefficienTs) - Real-time Instance Segmentation Results are impressive, above 30 FPS on COCO test-dev ...
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1/10/2020 8:44:33 AM
Here is the paper's list you will enjoy by exploring new cutting-edge research topics: ...
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10/28/2019 5:27:26 AM
Happy new year. I would like to share channel's progress for 2019 and we have a +29 874 new members for this year. Thank you for all members of channel. ...
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12/31/2019 6:15:48 AM
"Hide and Seek" or "Catch Me if You Can!" game from OpenAI. Only this time the computer is playing it ...
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9/22/2019 7:38:55 AM
RoboNet: A Dataset for Large-Scale Multi-Robot Learning (15 million video frames, 7 Robot platform). ...
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11/29/2019 4:57:22 AM
The Power and Limitations of Deep Learning with Yann LeCun ...
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9/14/2019 7:18:07 AM

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Good day dear all AI lovers. From today one of the most popular conferences in the world ICCV19 is starting at Seoul ...
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10/28/2019 5:25:00 AM
Learn what parts of the image does a deep learning model pay attention to.  AttentioNN to describe attention in neural networks. ...
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9/18/2019 3:31:21 AM
2019 is also finishing with great achievements in AI field. Thanks to the extended report from 'artificial intelligence index' which I highlighted more specific ones (Of cource is just my choise only): � AI Research went crazy. Between 1998 and 2018, there’s been a 300% increase in the publication of ...
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12/26/2019 8:03:05 AM
Gaussian processes for modern machine learning systems ...
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10/23/2019 4:43:55 AM
10/28/2019 4:53:28 AM
Now t-SNE with RAPIDs cuML 2000x  speed-up over scikit-learn. But is very slightly accurate (at most ~3% error). Here is also detailed explanation about t-SNE, wich nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithm. ...
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11/24/2019 12:09:45 PM
10/28/2019 4:53:14 AM
Everybody’s Talkin’: Let Me Talk as You Want  This paper presents a method to edit a target portrait footage by taking a sequence of audio as input to synthesize a photo-realistic video. ...
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1/16/2020 3:41:50 AM