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Girls world

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5/27/2020 3:19:49 PM

5/27/2020 3:13:35 PM
Girls world

5/27/2020 3:07:54 PM
A thousand lives:

One day I’ll be thousand parts
In thousands bodies
Like already I am
We all have conquered 
Strangers bodies
Maybe we have lived 
A thousand times 
In all ages 
Who we are?
Who are we conquering?
5/25/2020 4:09:32 AM
▪️You know you’re getting old when only feelings makes sense 
 not just possessions.
 ▪️You know you’re aging when you’re looking your feelings among songs not just a hit to dance by.
 ▪️You know you’re getting older when you are more goal_oriented than fun_seeker.
 ▪️You know it when all you want is to live fully not a single day wasting.
▪️You feel it when you see a young  and then a smile with a sense of regret merged with pride! 
▪️You know you are growing older and branching more roots!
▪️ You know it when you don’t easily cry when you are stronger than yesterday!
 ▪️You grow as a slow as the seed becomes a tree and yet as fast as fast_motion movie.

 I mean you grow old ,you can’t escape it  !
But you can walk with fun all the way along growing road.

5/25/2020 4:06:25 AM
From following water Ice borns 
From charming flame fire begins 
From giant ocean tsunami destroys 
From kind sun burning comes out
And from generous rain flood is made,

And life begins the moment you know everything has a wild face.

5/25/2020 4:04:21 AM

5/23/2020 10:33:41 PM
Girls world
Your wings will grow Girl, Fly...
5/20/2020 4:14:18 AM

5/18/2020 10:35:08 PM
Ninth Episode:

Little Runa had nothing too much to pack for school, she had a feeling, it was wired, like the feeling before leaving, like missing someone but you don’t know who, like belonging somewhere but not ready yet.
Barnie hugged Runa, he was kind for the first time:
_take care kid, don’t take me for granted, study well, and educate yourself.
_I promise I make you happy, Barnie?
_Can I call you dad?
_Ah kid, it’s a blessing to have dad, it’s like the whole word in front and a mountain behind, I am sorry , I am not a good dad Either, I wasn’t a good dad when I had the chance, But you have a chance to make your real dad, regretful and Ashamed, I am sorry kid, but count me as your friend.

Runa wanted to cry, those words hit harder than stone, she wanted to cry, but she thought as a friend Barnie was better than her fake family so , friends can sometimes be better than a family, this thought softened her words and she hugged him again:
_Best friends?
Barnie hided his cold smile behind all those mustaches and said:
_for ever.
For the first time in the whole Runa’s world a promise lightened her dark thoughts and relived her hopeless life.
 She got on a car, she looked back to Barnie, and remembered his face in detail.
Maybe forever...

She was all eyes and ears, she was so happy she hugged the whole distance her new guitar which Barnie gave her as her first gift.

The next morning she had talent audition, if she could play better than her age, she could probably be classified in higher levels.

She tied her very long hair ponytail and wore a leather jacket, she wanted to look best, she was stressed, she had tension, she sat and waited, witnessing moms and dads who were there accompanying their children, and their presence gave them an extra courage that little Runa may have lost it, this thought was going to break her heart and ruin almost everything, she went to restrooms, stared deeply in her eyes in the mirror, and cried, hot drops was familiar with the direction of falling of Runa’s cheeks.
She closed her eyes, despair, failed, alone, hopeless...
She stared at her hands, she remembered Barnie, the birds, herself, and she stood up, this time braver than ever, she thought, It doesn’t matter If I am here alone, it matters That I am here, I made it to come here among all this girls and boys with same goals, If any of us can be the idol, then why It shouldn’t be ME?
This gave her vains an extra hotness, and She was up and full of a vibe that world wanted to be taken out of her, because that’s what world needs, thats what stays, that’s immortality, Courage...
After 4 hours of waiting it was only Three names left for  the last auditions, and Runa was the second.

Runa Casper, it’s your turn are you ready?

Casper? Can’t believe Barnie signed me up with his last name, it was like light in darkness, like whole world gave her the courage to go in and be a badass, like world told her, go and rock it girl you deserve it...

She took a deep breath, walked confidently, she entered on the stage, with spotlight on her....

5/18/2020 10:25:21 PM

5/17/2020 4:08:30 AM
Everything That I’ve been through gave me the strength to be who I am today...
5/16/2020 11:10:48 PM

5/11/2020 6:30:34 PM
Eighth episode:

Little Runa, works as a waitress and she works good, Barnie is pleased with her job, at night she cries sometimes, for loosing all in a glance, and for a mom and dad that may not be her own, but they never ever came to look for her, she scares to even think, who are her real parents, she denies even thinking about it.
Every night after Barnie leaves, Runa will close the resto and lock it, and then she comes and check out left and right to get sure no one is around and then she opens up her long straight her and sit and plays piano, her little fingers know exactly where the direction is, the melody tells a dark story, like her own life...
She cries along playing, and she plays until her hands can’t play anymore, then she stands ups, braids her hair and save a coin under her bed in a jar that is covered with paper written: Dreams...

Two years passed,Runa now is great chef and secretly a great player, Barnie is now a bit older, more silent than before and full of trust for Runa, he pays more to her... and never asks anything extra...

It was a midnight, in summer, Runa was playing piano crazily she was too drowned into playing and the melody, her fingers were so tall that will just tap all over piano, she was so focused playing, that suddenly someone knocked the door.

She jumped and tied her hair and went opened the door, It was Barnie:
_I heard song, where is it from?
Runa was ashamed:
_Um actually um ahh umm, it wasn’t from here ...
_You are not a good liar Runa, tell me what was the sound from?
_I am really sorry, I should have told you but it was me, I played piano every night I love it so much I couldn’t control it I ...
Barnie stopped her:
_You can play?
She nodded:
_Yes sir.
_Play ...
_You said You can play this thing?
_So play...
She went and sat, and closed her eyes and played...
Barnie’s head was freezing, he couldn’t believe what he saw, it was a melody from heaven, it was a second chance for him, tears were in his eyes, he could possibly sit there listen to her playing for 10 years...
Runa’s hair her playing and her innocence, took Barnie back into 15 years ago, when He and his little daughter played piano, when how her little fingers touched piano, when her angled played the sound of heaven, where he always wanted to keep her little talent but destiny didn’t want the same, her little princess, died in an accident when she was only 10 years old... 

Barnie was shocked how is possible? It was like a second chance to see her gone daughter again he wanted to go close and hug Runa and cry but he couldn’t...

The song ended, Runa looked at Barnie, he was staring with tears in his eyes. And He just stood up, and left without even saying a word...

Runa cried all night, she thought , she will loose her only friend again, she started singing a song that she loved ... and she fell asleep...

That night became morning very tough for Barnie and Runa...

The next morning Barnie came into resto, he told Runa:
_today play for the resto
Runa couldn’t believe what she hears,
_Really? I I I mean Can I?

It was 12 pm when resto was full for lunch, she sat and played piano,

All the crowd, turned back and watched her, it wasn’t a simple melody... it was something coming from a deeper place, a melody of unknowns ...a melody of sorrow...

Barnie was sure now of what he wanted to do... 

Three days later Barnie before leaving resto called Runa:
_kid, we need to talk.
Runa hurried;
_listen, I signed you up in a private school, it’s actually a school of art a musical one, you have talent, you should train it, cooking every day for you, is a waste of time, you should keep what is in your heart.

Runa couldn’t talk, she was speechless, she couldn’t believe Barnie being this much kind and like a father...she had tears in her eyes, she was shaking...
 Barnie pressed her tiny shoulder:

_This world is big, you are here with a heaven gift, you are blessed, You had tough times, you lost your family but I know you are strong.
 Runa hugged  Barnie in tears, and said:
5/11/2020 5:14:09 PM
_Oh mr Barnie, i guess you are the lost father I’ve been looking for, I mean no one ever did such a thing for me, you were my shelter my peace and now my jumping point, I promise I will give all back, I owe you my life...

_Kid, I did that because I wanted , you keep your money for your self and try to do your best I am old and I won’t be there for you forever...tomorrow you’ll leave... best luck, and take care...use this

_ I will I promise...

The next day Runa was off to private musical school.

5/11/2020 5:14:09 PM

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