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Girl’s Land

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I always believed angels are women, until I met my dad.♥️
7/26/2020 4:16:31 AM
She changed her everything.

He stared at the eyes he once said they are the most beautiful eyes ever, and said:
_It’s a long time I want to say this, but this relationship was wrong from the first, you are so different from my world... you are not enough for me.

She didn’t talk, she just cried, a lot of it.
Until she had no tears anymore, she changed her country her name and city and her car, but not for him, but for escaping the woman, who once loved such an idiot.

7/25/2020 4:42:01 AM
It happened between midnight and sunrise.

The boy had cold sweat on his forehead, street lights shadowed on wet streets, he walked fast at first and running a minute later, car noises on desert streets, unnerved him, he wished it’s ok until he won’t hear police sirens.
He waited for happiness like he suddenly wakes up, like falling on floor, or at least morning comes and saves him, from sin time, nights.
He wished that maybe it comes a day, when he could remove this dusk from daytime, he finally gets to his shitty ruined apartment around mean streets, a rap song was played by a ruined dirty radio, he get to restroom,
Weak light twinkled over broken mirror, he checked him self up in the mirror, he was proud that he did it clean, this gave him courage to check his shirt out,  all his white shirt was all blood
He couldn’t believe how he hadn’t notice all the way, his hands were bloody, and just that moment, he heard police sirens around his shitty house.

7/25/2020 4:08:06 AM
This story takes you to your black holes deep inside your soul.

Imagine yourself, coming out of a café, after drinking your coffee, and you remember you’ve forgotten your wallet, you get back to café and ask waiter for your wallet And he says, excuse me I can't remember you drinking in here, And You say , I just payed you about 3 minutes ago,
And he says he can't remember you, you watch the camera and you are not in the film, you come out confused, you look up your bag and your wallet is there...

7/25/2020 2:28:10 AM
last day of summer

Moonlight polished car metal reflecting silver light,
Summer air making last efforts to not saying hello to autumn..
The girl in car kissed boy’s cheeks:
_There finally comes a day, when You love me as much as I do, that day, What can I dream about anymore? 
Boy laughed:
_Get home , you gotta be late.

Two blocks above truck rider was drunk shouting:
_Fucking man , you shit ,Can’t steal from me ...
And drank a bit more.

_Bye, Love you...
Boy knocked his head and smiled,and the girl died inside for his smiles.

She closed the door, summer breeze cuddled her hard, she passed the street, she saw lights , she had no time, she returned her head looking for the last time to him...

A moment later:
There was no time for boy to fall in love with her anymore...

7/23/2020 6:30:47 PM
Running out of Time.

Just like sands in hourglass , I felt my self running down and detaching from all, like the dawn before sunrise, like the red sky before tsunami, like the last thing I wanna grab and go, I don’t see days, not hours, All I see is a little , a little of time, a little of energy and  shortcut to another category , where Am I going? Where I will be sent? Can I see the Master? Everyday I come from another world, sleep is a logic invention to shut humans up, and take imagination from them, the reality is we come and go to different lives and world through day, I have memories from my sleeping and they are not dreams, they are real, when I become an infinity thats when the last sand in hourglass drops, and in that moment, You won’t see me flying, you see me sleeping, getting ready to be sent to another category, another land, another world.

7/23/2020 5:37:18 PM
13th episode 

Runa’s heavenly sound, filled the whole atmosphere, and not only she went to heaven herself, but also she gave tickets to any one else listening to this wonderful voice.

She sang the words like they are coming from heart like they are meant to be sung, judges couldn’t think, this wasn’t a talent, this was a phenom, a once in life kinda voices that God, wanted to gift us, to enjoy to remember to be heard.

The perfect pitches and this great song ended, you couldn’t hear any thing in the salon, everyone was screaming, crying,clapping, and getting crazy about this pitchy sound that will never get out your head, and the judges couldn’t take eyes of Runa.

Runa’s heart beats were fast, nearly being stopped, she just wanted to know,how perfect her show was, after 5 minuets of applauding, silence opened the way for judges to comment:

_Runa, is that right?

_Yes, ma’am.

_Runa, let me start this way, I have Never ever in my life heard such a voice, you come from angelic chores in churches and then you go to a wild girl with demons on passion stage, who are you? I mean for the first time in a while, You took me to another world, I can’t remember if I was on earth just 5 minutes ago, and the reason of this detachment is only You. 

Runa was dying from happiness, she had tears in her eyes and couldn’t believe she made it. 

Another judge started:

_I mean If I could cancel the whole competition, I would, because I guess not only us , but the whole world found, the new voice of world, congratulations.

Runa with teary cheeks:
_Thank you. 

The woman added:

_I guess you don’t need to find fans, You have millions of them now, do you want to say anything? Thank anyone?

A minute of silent and Runa went on:

_Tonight I played for some reasons,My best friend in the whole world Barnie, who just guided me like a spirit guid into this black route where I had no where to go, And for deep down sorrows that wanted to run away and I opened the way for them, and For people that I never knew they may like me but I wanted to give my self a chance , and now I don’t know what to say anymore but to say thanks for hearing me thanks to anyone.

The whole salon screamed: 
_Runa, Run, Runa , Runa
Judges stood up for her...

She came back to back stage and Barnie hugged her :
_You are my girl, You did it, I am proud that I am by your side kid,

_Oh Barnie, I love you and I owe you my happiness.

Suddenly All the photographers and Journalists came in and Runa was under all those cameras and all those attention, Runa didn’t leave Barnie’s hand and he was next to her all the time.

After 12 am, the results were going to be stated:

_Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for the staying with Next Voice Of World Festival , tonight we had Amazing soul caressing and now is the time to state our winner , the one who will have a world wide tour, and an album with favorite musicien,the NVOWF award goes to :

The whole salon was in silence the judges , Runa, Barnie, other competitors, the whole people in front of tv and all journalists,

The award goes to Runa Casper ....

And after all that darkness finally, a light came in to stay for a while.

7/21/2020 4:43:22 PM
Girl’s Land
13th Episode :
7/21/2020 4:43:07 PM
Girl’s Land
7/21/2020 12:47:16 AM

7/21/2020 12:35:14 AM

7/21/2020 12:35:14 AM
Girl’s Land

7/19/2020 10:40:13 PM
No matter how good you are
People see your demons only.
7/19/2020 7:43:30 PM

7/19/2020 7:42:57 PM
I am sorry that every time
I am guilty 
I am sorry for always making 
I am sorry for always I seem
Another version far from 
My self
I am sorry for not saying no
To any thing I hate
I am sorry if I am 
Too foolish 
I am sorry 
For everything that 
Confused you.

7/19/2020 6:19:49 AM

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