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China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates

New fatalities in Hubei push nationwide death toll to 1,483 and further 4,823 cases take total infections near 65,000.
2/14/2020 8:54:51 AM
Should social media be regulated?

UK empowers broadcast regulator to take down certain materials while Germany takes measures to control online content.
2/14/2020 8:21:43 AM
Al Jazeera English Channel
Oscars So White: Does Hollywood ignore black talent? | The Stream — Al Jazeera English 25:01
2/14/2020 8:10:51 AM
Is Prague trolling Moscow by honouring slain Putin critic?

The square on which the Russian embassy stands will be renamed to honour Boris Nemtsov, killed near the Kremlin in 2015.
2/14/2020 7:16:42 AM
Barr: Trump tweets on cases make it 'impossible' to do my job

US attorney general pushes back against Trump after the president attacked prosecutors, judge and jury on Stone case.
2/14/2020 7:16:31 AM
US warship in Arabian Sea seizes suspected Iranian weapons

US military says the weapons included 150 anti-tank guided missiles and three surface-to-air missiles.
2/14/2020 6:35:01 AM
'Murderer in house': South African president's address disrupted

Far-left EFF leaders demand the country's last apartheid-era president, FW De Klerk, be removed from Parliament.
2/14/2020 5:37:31 AM
Rocket attack hits northern Iraq base hosting US troops

Rocket attack slams into Iraqi base in remote province of Kirkuk where US troops are stationed, report says.
2/14/2020 5:00:41 AM
US Senate votes to limit Trump's war powers against Iran

Rebuking Trump over Iran, US Senate passes measure curbing president's ability to wage war.
2/14/2020 3:47:50 AM
Trump's travel ban: Thousands of lives in limbo

The Trump administration's travel restrictions left many Eritreans between a rock and a hard place.
2/14/2020 3:46:26 AM
Pompeo: US rejects UN database of Israeli settlement companies

Mike Pompeo says the United States 'has long opposed the creation or release' of the list.
2/14/2020 2:04:59 AM
US, Taliban negotiate 7-day reduction in violence: Pentagon

US secures reduction in violence in talks to help seek a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan, says Pentagon chief.
2/14/2020 2:03:00 AM
Cambodia tests cruise ship passengers for coronavirus

There are no confirmed coronavirus cases on board, but everyone is being tested before they can disembark.
2/14/2020 2:02:18 AM
Al Jazeera English Channel
Should social media be regulated? I Inside Story — Al Jazeera English 25:01
2/14/2020 1:35:43 AM
Al Jazeera English Channel
Cambodia tests cruise ship passengers for coronavirus — Al Jazeera English 2:29
2/14/2020 1:21:06 AM

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